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Brisbane Garden Sheds - Blog #6


Some tips and tricks for getting your garden shed through every season;


As it starts to get hot, bugs and spiders like to find a more comfortable home. This is a great time of year to buy a bug bomb from your local hardware. Put the bomb in the centre of the garden shed, let it off, close the doors and just like that the problem should be solved.


A garden shed exterior is something that can be over looked so easily. Your garden shed is exposed to the elements all year round. Washing the outside of your garden shed with a light detergent and water will keep it looking brand new. It also removes and dust and dirt from the outside of the shed and restores the surface. How often you wash your garden shed is best determined by your location, coastal areas should do this at least twice a year. This is to ensure any salt build up is removed, if the salt is left to long it can damage the paint on your shed.

Over time garden sheds get knocked, dented and scratched which can lead to paint damage. To prevent rusting of the areas, exterior touch up paint is suggested on the affected panels. Touch up paint can be purchased from your local hardware store.


Just like Summer, Winter becomes another time of year bugs and spiders go looking for a warmer spot to set up residence. Once again, put the bomb in the centre of the garden shed, let it off, close the doors and just like that the problem should be solved.

As the rain starts to set in during Winter, now is the time to check all the ventilation on your garden shed. Itís vital to keep moisture out of your garden shed, without ventilation a build-up of moisture can build up inside the shed and lead to mildew and mould. Make sure that all ventilation in the garden shed is kept clear and clean.


Let this be the time for a SPRING CLEAN OUT!

As much as a garden shed is for storage it can soon be over taken by junk. It's a great idea to make sure you are using your garden shed to its full potential. Go through everything in your garden shed and decide if it's useful or just taking up room. This is a great way to free up more room in your garden shed for necessities. This is also a great time to assess your accessories in your garden shed, do you have any tool hooks? Could you do with a shelf or two?

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