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Need somewhere to store your Christmas tree, lights and decorations?               

Want to get your car back in the garage in time for the holidays?          

Are you running out of room for all those Christmas presents?

Itís that time of year again where you need to dig out the Christmas tree, lights and decorations.                                                                                                                              

Now I know what youíre thinking, last year you had promised yourself you would make it easier to retrieve. Yet here we are again, twelve months later trying to find the same tree, lights and decorations that you had stored so securely last year. Brisbane Garden Sheds has some tips and tricks to getting your garden shed CHRISTMAS READY!

We offer a range of tool hooks and shelving which double as great Christmas storage solutions.

Heavy Duty Shelf Kit (Christmas Tree Storage)

Once it's time to pull the Christmas tree down, pack it away in a box and now put it on the shelf. Now every year all you have to do is get it off the shelf and put it up again! PROBLEM SOLVED!

Five Hook Kit (Christmas Light Storage)

Finished with your Christmas lights? Letís save the hassle next year of having to untangle them. Once youíre finished with them, loop them into a circle and zip tie to secure, then place the zip tied bundles onto the hooks. That way next year all you need to do is take them off the hook, cut off the ties and now youíre ready to go! PROBLEM SOLVED!!

Wire Basket (Christmas Decoration Storage)

Now that the tree is down, and the lights have been put away all that's left is the decorations. Get yourself a bag, put all the decorations in and tie the bag shut. Put the bag into one of these great wire baskets. Now all you must do next year is pull the bag out of the basket and all your decorations are ready to go.  

Now your garden shed is Christmas ready!                                                          

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